I’m pretty sure everyone and their aunt’s boyfriend’s goldfish has heard about the T.V. show Supernatural.¬† It’s insanely popular and headed towards it’s twelfth season (I believe; it may be on season thirteen now.) I fell in love with the Winchester boys, the main characters, from the very first episode. The show had everything I needed to be entertained: cute boys, drama, humor, and scary monsters.
Eventually the show moved past your typical things that go- bump- in- the- night and started including more Biblical elements such as angels and the horsemen mentioned in Revelations. At first this seemed really cool; I mean, how often does a major television network include Biblical themes in their most popular shows?
However, the further the show traveled down this path the more uncomfortable I became because it seemed the show was almost mocking the Christian faith. Satan was portrayed as a charming, misunderstood, “nice-guy” who had millions of the viewers falling head over heels for him. Gabriel was portrayed as a “trickster” and all of the other angels were the bad guys. And God, God wasn’t even in the picture because he had abandoned all of heaven and ran away.
You’re probably saying, “Sierra, girl, it’s just a t.v. show. It’s no big deal!” But it kind of is a big deal. As a Christian I know that what they are portraying is a lie, but what about the millions of viewers who don’t know the truth?
It didn’t really hit me that the shows content may be influencing other people’s beliefs until the day one of my co-workers made the comment “It kind of makes you think about things differently, doesn’t it,” while referring to the show’s portrayal of God and heaven. While I told him the show did not change my personal beliefs, he responded with “but how can you stand to watch it then?” This was the moment I realized that I couldn’t watch the show anymore.
The Bible tells us to live in a way that is pleasing to God (Colossians 1:10) and I honestly do not think God would be pleased with that show and therefore, he would not be pleased with me watching it. And by watching the show I was giving the message that I supported and approved what it was saying with everyone around me; I was supporting a lie.
I’m not going to lie, not watching the show sometimes sucks. I have no clue what has happened to two of my favorite characters, I’m constantly seeing posts all over social media raving about episodes that I have never seen, and my co-workers are constantly¬† discussing the show. In essence, I feel a little left out. However, when these feelings start to arise I just remind myself that God calls me to be apart from this world, not a part of this world.
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