I’ve always loved flowers; I don’t know if it is because my mom has always had a flower garden or just a joy that God instilled my heart, but I’ve always loved them.
However, I have never actually had a garden of my own because 1.) it’s a lot of hard work and 2.) my my mom has always taken care of the landscaping. For some reason, I got it into my head that this summer I wanted to plant my own flower garden and once I get something into my head I do it not matter what (I never want to regret not doing something). I picked out a little spot at the end of my house just beneath my bedroom windows (if I strain myself really hard I am able to see the fruits of my labor.)
Can I just say that planting flowers is really hard work; like really, really, really hard work? The spot I chose for my garden had never been used before which meant I had to
tear up all of the grass and then I also had to dig up all of the roots so the grass didn’t grow back and choke out all of my beautiful flowers. I won’t lie, I was very tempted to just tear up the grass and leave the roots; once I had my flowers planted and my mulch down no one would even notice, right?
It was at this point that God began speaking to me. He told me that my heart, and the hearts of many others, is just like the flower bed I was working on. Often, we see something unpleasant in our lives, whether it be sin, pride, anger, a loose tongue, etc.,
and think we can just “cover it up” by doing good deeds, putting on a big smile, and acting like everything is alright in the world; in other words, we just want to ignore it. But like my flower garden, just leaving things be will only make everything worse in the long run.
When we see the sign of sin and unrighteousness in our lives we cannot just pull up the grass to get rid of the superficial evidence (though it is the easier option); we have to dig up the roots too or else the grass is just going to come back and destroy all of the progress we’ve made. As long as sin has roots in our hearts, there will never be room for God’s
love and Word; it will constantly be choked out by the weeds of our old selves. As hard as it is and as much as it will hurt, you have to take the sin in your life and dig it up by the roots so it can be replaced by God’s Word and you’ll be able to bear beautiful fruit!
I’m happy to report that after 3 hours, a long talk with God, one caterpillar (see photo to the left), and more worms than I can count, my garden is finished (free from all grass and roots)! Looking back, I now strongly feel that the only reason I was so set on having my own flower garden is because God had already had our little chat planned out; I’m glad he did!
What odd situation has God used to speak to you?
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