I know having a relationship with God seems like it should be easy; but in all honesty, it isn’t.  Having a relationship with God is more than just showing up to church each Sunday. A real relationship with God takes a lot of time, work, and dedication; it’s a choice that must be made each and every day. Today I am going to share with your five habits that can improve your relationship with God!

1. Morning Quiet Time

Having quiet time with God is vital to having a healthy relationship with Him. Having your quiet time in the morning is especially great because it puts you in the right mindset and the scripture(s) you study will be on your mind for the rest of the day.
I know some people aren’t early birds like I am but if you can manage to just get out of bed 15 minutes earlier than usual for a short devotion and prayer you will definitely reap the benefits!

2. Keep a Prayer Journal

I know you may be thinking that journals are for adolescent girls with too much drama in their lives, but I assure you that this habit is especially rewarding. You do not have to write down your prayers everyday but keeping track of your prayer requests at least 3-4 days a week helps you to later look back and see how God answered your prayers.
Your journal doesn’t have to be fancy or it can be as fancy as you want. I use $1 composition notebooks from Dollar General. In fact, I just finished one yesterday and it was amazing to look back on nearly 200 pages of my heart’s cries to God. It was especially rewarding to see how much I have grown in my prayer life! I started that particular notebook in March of this year and at the time my prayers were insincere and pretty much the same exact thing everyday. By the end of the notebook I could feel the passion and fire contained within my words.

3. Develop a Prayer Strategy

Prayer strategies combine a Christian’s two most valuable resources: prayer and the Word of God. To get started, grab a pen and some paper and write down all of the area’s of your life that you feel you need to pray over (school, work, faith, family, forgiveness, etc.), then grab your Bible and start finding scriptures that coordinate with these areas of your life. For example, when I pray for myself I pray that I will trust and submit to God (James 4:7), that I will remain humble before the Lord (James 4:10), that I will not fall into temptation (Luke 22:40) and that I will be the woman God intends me to be (Proverbs 31:30). By doing this I am applying God’s truths and blessings to my life and the lives of others. I’ve been praying this way since January of 2017 and I have changed not Just in mt faith, but also as a person. I am much more confident in myself and in God because I now know God’s Word and His promises for my life!

4. Keep Track of Answered Prayers

Every time you realize God has answered your prayers in any shape or form (even if it wasn’t the answer you were wanting), write it down. Before I started doing this, I thought God rarely answered my prayers and often wondered if He even listened to me. But then I started actually looking for His answers;I found them. This has helped me to become more confident in God, in sharing my faith with others, and it is a great comfort to go back and read over all of the ways God has answered me (especially when it sometimes feels like my prayers have fallen on deaf ears).

5. Be Grateful

Each day make sure to thank God for something in your life. It can be anything that you are truly grateful for: His love and grace, a car, your home, food, a warm bed, your pets, anything! I actually have a chart where I go in and write down what I am grateful for each day.Just the simple habit of thanking God everyday will not just make you happier, but it makes God happy to now that you appreciate Him!
Will be you be trying any of these habits? Do you have other ways that you foster our relationship with God?
Have a blessed day!


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