Keeping with the theme of my last post, New Year’s Resolutions to Build Your Relationship With God, and share some books that will help connect you to God this New Year! Now, some of these books are not targeted toward teen girls but they’re still so valuable, even in your youth!

P.S. These books are scripturally sound but if there’s something in them I don’t necessarily agree with then I’ll point it out.

Why Read Christian Non-Fiction Books?

Before getting started, you may be wondering why even read Christian non-fiction books? Isn’t the Bible all you need to read? Reading and studying the Bible is vitally important; it teaches us how to live for God. However, there are some things that need to be considered when reading the Bible such as the difference in Biblical and modern culture, along with Biblical and modern language. Christian non-fiction books help us to break through the barrier these differences have created and learn how to apply scripture to our everyday life. This doesn’t mean that Christian non-fiction books can replace the Bible but they are a useful tool for studying. In fact, you should be very careful when choosing a Christian non-fiction book; as many amazing, Spirit filled authors there are out there, there are just as many who write faulty doctrine. Make sure do some research before reading a book!

Without further adieu, here are five books every Christian teenager should read:

1. Without Rival By Lisa Bevere

Knowing who you are in Christ and embracing who God created you to be is vitally important for every Christian girl- especially during the teen years.One of Satan’s favorite tricks is to convince you, you are someone you’re not and put you into a mindset where you are comparing yourself to other girls. During my teenage years and even into adulthood, I struggled with my sense of identity. I thought I wasn’t enough because I wasn’t like all of the other Christian girls in my life or on social media. I stumbled upon Without Rival and finally realized the only way to defeat this lie is by knowing who God says you are.

In Without Rival Lisa Bevere carefully analyzes what scriptures says about women and lays it out in an easy to comprehend manner. Lisa encourages her readers to stop comparing themselves to other women and seeing every aspect of life as a competition. This book helps the reader discover that comparison is the theif of joy! When I read this I finally realized that I am much better off living as the girl God created me to be than trying to be someone I’m not.

2. Fervent By Priscilla Shirer

This book has changed my life in so many ways; in fact, my copy is almost unreadable by now. The first time I read this my prayer life was dismal at best and non-existent at worst. I longed to connect with God but I felt that I didn’t know how to pray. I’ll also admit that sometimes it felt like God wasn’t hearing or answering my prayers. Reading this books I realized that prayer is more than just asking God for something you want or need; prayer involves seeking God’s will and actively listening for His voice.

Fervent helped me to realize the necessity of powerful and strategic prayer   in the life of ALL Christians, even teenagers! This book lays out how to develop a prayer strategy and recommends scriptures to use in all areas of life. Fervent has become a book I continually refer to throughout my journey with Christ!

3. Women of the Word By Jen Wilkin

Women of the Word is an invaluable resource for those who are learning to truly study the Word of God; and I do mean studying, not just reading a “verse of the day” and then continue on with your to-do list. This book teaches what it really means to go deeper and study scripture rather just simply reading the Bible. Serious Bible study is definitely one of the daily habits you should start forming now in your youth to get you on the right start in your relationship with God.

Jen Wilkin teaches women how to truly dive deep into scripture while studying efficiently and accurately. There are a few faults I have with this book, however. Jen does insinuate that  reading scripture to seek an answer to prayer is “dangerously close to sooth saying (Jen’s words, not mine).” I believe that God does speak to us personally through His Word; as long as you aren’t twisting scripture to mean something it doesn’t then scripture can be a direct answer from God.

4. Uninvited By Lysa Terkeurst

Uninvited really hits home for me because I often feel left out or unwanted when it comes to my peers. I am very quiet and have struggled to figure out how an introverted Christian could have any significance in the kingdom of God. Many times I feel I am not enough; not smart enough, not pretty enough, not outspoken enough, not courageous enough, not funny enough, just not enough. In fact, I resisted writing Girl Transformed for over a year because I didn’t believe I had enough skills or the right to be writing for young women such as yourself.

Lysa is able to capture these feelings beautifully and effectively explain how God can and will use everyone who seeks Him; these lies of inadequacy and worthlessness are actually Satan’s attempts to distract us from God’s call on our life. It’s refreshing to see that I am not the only girl who struggles with these feelings. This books is an excellent reminder that your worth does not come from yourself nor does it depend on others; your worth is found in and based in Christ!

5. Girls With Swords by Lisa Bevere

Yes, there are two Lisa Bevere books on the list but she really is an inspiring writer for young women! Believe it or not, you are in the middle of a spiritual battle. As much as we would like to think that Satan is nothing more than a little, red, cartoon guy who sits on our shoulder and tells us to do bad stuff, he is much more than that. Satan is cunning and deceptive. He knows you; he knows your strengths, your weaknesses and he will use them against you.Thankfully, God has equipped you with everything you need to win. In this book, Lisa focuses on teaching girls how to recognize the attacks of the enemy  so you can fight back.





What are some of your favorite Christian non-fiction books?





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